The Ultimate List Of Ocean Puns: 120+ Kriller Jokes

The Ultimate List Of Ocean Puns 120+ Kriller Jokes Banner

So you found yourself surfin’ online for some ocean puns?

We understand your craving – as summer quickly approaches some nautical puns are a summer essential.

Perhaps you are thinking, how good can a pun reelly be? Whale, we feel inclined to challenge that. We have conquered the pun world before, so we have had some practice.

In saying that, our puns are going to make your day that much funnier and brighter.

We have listed around 125 puns with nautical references, we are shore they will give your upcoming summer days some excitement and comedy.

Best Ocean Puns

Let Minnow

The ocean covers around 72% of the Earth’s surface.

Did you know, less than five percent of our oceans have been explored? Do not let this small number discourage the limitless ocean puns you can make! Feel free to get inspired as you delve into the depths of our ocean puns.

  • Island so much information about the ocean – “I learned”
  • The ocean a-piers to be blue
  • I rudder swim in the ocean than in a pool
  • To be pacific, I love the Artic ocean the most
  • There was so much commocean at the beach today
  • I have so many emoceans
  • I’ve got a remedy for your seasickness, it’s called a pocean!
  • Did you hear about her promocean?
  • They were fighting all night, it was such a bad coral – “quarrel”
  • Don’t forget your sun tan locean – “lotion”
  • Reel love, I’m searching for the reel love – Mary J. Blige “Real Love”
  • I’m sick of this ship
  • Make a fish! – “wish”
  • I shrimply need a swim – “simply”
  • If Hogwarts was in the ocean, they would play squidditch!
  • I am done with hake friends – if you did not get this one, check out more of our articles on types of ocean fish!
  • I am feeling very fishy about the situation – “iffy”
  • The neighbor tentacles in the evening – tend to call
  • John Ocean – Josh O’shea, an Irish soccer player
  • Whose music do fish listen to the most? Frank Ocean
  • What is this article a-boat anyway?
  • Salmon Cowell – Simon Cowell
  • Tuna Thurman – Uma Thurman
  • We are only aquantances – acquaintance
  • Let minnow if you love the ocean as much as I do – minnow fish
  • Hokis Pocus – hoki fish
  • What’s scup? – scup fish
  • I snook out my house – snook fish
  • He is such a catch!
  • You are jawesome
  • What is your favorite channel?
  • Get outta maui!

Beach Puns

Panorama landscape of sand dunes system on beach at sunrise

You do not need to travel to a Beach to have a sunny day – we bet our list will brighten your day wherever you are!

This is getting out of sandJames Bondi – Bondi Beach
I’m shore we will need sunscreen on the beachKelp! I need somebody! – The Beatles, “Help”
The water is cold, Algae in after youNetflix and Kill
The water is crystal clear – sea for yourself!Sofishticated
Oh buoy, the water is cold.Water you prefer, the beach or the pool?
Stay woke, stay currentI am sick and tide of these puns
Coconuts about youShe is never stressed, she is always coasting
Put some good dunes onBeach you to it
They say Moatzart loved the beach – beach moatsGo with the float
The weather is always less crabby by the beach!Fishing you a happy summer
I want to hold your sand – The Beatles, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”Make sure to always keep it reel
Shell yeah!It is seal-iously hot at the beach
A Chrysler Seabreem – Chrysler SebringArowana go to the beach

Sea Puns

Sealiest Pun Ever

You wanted to go bigger than a beach, but smaller than an ocean? We sea you, buddy.

It is not just the Bermuda Triangle that you can get lost in, keep reading our sea puns and lose yourself in our whirlpool of puns!

  • Where do you fuel a submarine? Shell gas station.
  • I beseach you! – “beseech”
  • I just want to sleep on the beach all day, call me lazsea – lazy
  • Where’s the horizon? I don’t sea it!
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Seacrets
  • Seas the day!
  • What did the captain eat for lunch? A Seasar salad.
  • This is a fantasea
  • In need of some Vitamin Sea
  • Tis the Sea-sun
  • Sea ya later
  • We otter go for a swim
  • You are otter this world
  • The sea is truly fin-tastic
  • We need moray these sunny days
  • She is otterly burnt
  • Stop fighting and have a cuttle

Shell Puns

One Shell of a Place

Sally sells seashells by the seashore is getting a bit outdated, isn’t it?

Have no fear, because we know what is in style, and that is some seriously good shell puns.

Shells are strikingly unique and with 200,000 different types, there is so much opportunity to get creative! Shell we begin?

Gimmie Shell-ter – The Rolling Stones, “Gimmie Shelter”
Mishell Pfeiffer
Shellebrate good times
“You used to call me on my Shell phone” – “Hotline Bling”
Don’t shell me what to do!
One shell of a place
Shell sell seashells – she’ll

Funny Beach Puns

Where do you fuel

So maybe our other beach puns were clever and funny, but we know they can be funnier. We will dedicate this section entirely to funny beach puns, absolutely guaranteeing a laugh.

  • You’re about to get schooled – school of fish
  • We are just Havana good time
  • Don’t krill my vibe
  • Smooth Krill-minal
  • Don’t mind me, just havana drink
  • That’s the sealiest pun I’ve ever heard


All in all, we hope that we have not pier-pressured you into thinking these jokes are funny, and that you whaley did have a good time!

We had so much fun coming up with these oceans puns and we hope we have inspired you to come up with some of your own.

As the ocean carries many mysteries and unique creatures, these puns add to the its spectacular existence. Caring for our oceans is very important, especially when it is so vulnerable to human exposure.

If the ocean is not your thing, we have plenty of interesting articles about freshwater fish and fish you could keep in your own aquarium.

If you think of any other great ocean puns, share them below – we get so much joy herring your ideas…

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