160 Best Betta Fish Names for your Siamese Fighting Fish

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Whether you’re a new or experienced betta fish owner, few things are more exciting than bringing your fish home for the first time. While your fish is acclimating to its new home, you can think about what you’ll name your fish.

This is easier said than done. It can be hard to find the perfect name that sums up a beautiful betta fish and its unique personality!

This article will provide you with a selection of betta fish names to choose from, and offer a few tips on choosing a name for your fish.

How to Choose a Good Betta Fish Name

Betta Fish swimming in front of light

Before you pick a name for your betta fish, you may want to find out whether the fish is male or female. However, this isn’t completely necessary — your male betta certainly won’t care if you decide to call him Dory or Daisy.

When you’re thinking about fish names, don’t limit yourself. You might want to use wacky, unique names for your fish, or you could find it fun to use “normal” human names, like Robert or Marjorie.

Here are a few things to take into account when choosing your betta’s name:

  • Personality
  • Gender (traditionally masculine or feminine names)
  • Color
  • Humor (funny names like Jaws or Sharknado, for example)
  • Your interests (for example, if you have an interest in history, you could name your fish after famous historical characters)
  • Pop culture references (this includes books, movies, or famous people)
  • Themes (for example, if you already have named fish in your tank, the names could all follow a particular theme)

Regardless of how you plan to choose your betta’s name, it’s good to take some time to observe the fish before picking a name.

Male Betta Fish Names

If you have your heart set on a traditionally masculine name for your fish, there are many to choose from. If there’s a name here that catches your eye, do some research into its meaning. It could fit your betta’s personality perfectly.

Some typically masculine names are:



A classic name used in both France and England, Maurice means “dark.” It’s simple but unique — you won’t come across many other fish named Maurice. Maurice can also be a good choice for a black or dark-colored betta.


The name Theodore is a traditional name that’s mostly associated with famous people (such as Theodore Roosevelt). Theodore is known as a firmly masculine name, meaning “Gift of God.” You can also shorten it into cute nicknames, like Ted or Teddy. Theodore would fit a stately kind of betta, such as a veiltail or half-moon with long, flowing fins.


If you have a mythology, history, or fantasy theme in your fish tank, Arthur is an ideal choice. The name means “strong, strong as a bear, noble and courageous,” and is most commonly associated with the famous King Arthur. If you have a red, orange, or golden betta, the name Arthur will fit particularly well.


The name Mozart can also fit nicely in a themed tank (you could name another fish Beethoven, Bach, or Tchaikovsky, for example). While Mozart is commonly used as a surname and not a given name, it could still work well for your betta. Of course, no one can hear the name “Mozart” and not think of the famous composer. Mozart would be a good name for a black and white betta with a marbled or grizzled pattern.

Female Betta Fish Names

Female Betta Fish swimming up close

Delicate, feminine names for bettas can work well with their beautiful coloring and flowing fins. Flower-themed names or traditionally feminine names are especially popular.

Here are a few feminine name ideas:



If you like the idea of a mythological theme, Artemis is a fantastic name for your female betta. It’s traditionally a female name, though Artemis can be used as a unisex name. The name comes from the famous Greek goddess Artemis, who was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and wild animals. Artemis is a perfect name for a vivacious, confident female betta of any size, shape, or color. If you prefer a twist on a classic name, choose Diana, the Roman-equivalent goddess.


Anyone who’s seen Finding Nemo will want to call at least one female betta Dory. The name means “golden-haired,” so it can work well for a yellow betta fish. However, Dory can also be perfect for dark blue and black bettas, based on the fish Dory from Finding Nemo. Dory is a good name for dreamy female bettas with sweet personalities.


If you opt for a Shakespearean theme in your aquarium, there are plenty of uniquely feminine names to choose from. Ophelia was a famous Shakespearean heroine who met a tragic end — even her name means “help.” Ophelia is a good name for quiet or timid female bettas with long, flowing fins and ethereal, delicate colors.


The name Ginger is self-explanatory. It’s also cute and classic. The name was particularly popular in the early to mid-1900s, and literally means “red spice.” Ginger is a perfect name for a red, orange, or golden female betta, ideally one with a feisty personality.

Names for Betta Fish (by Color)

Picking a name based on your betta’s personality is a good choice. However, your betta might not start to show its personality until it’s comfortable in its new home. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to choose a name based on the color and look of your betta.

Blue Betta Fish Names

Whether your betta is a solid blue color or has a marbled or patched pattern, blue-themed names can be fun and unique:

Here are some ideas for blue betta fish names:



A beautiful, ethereal female name, Celestine means “heavenly.” It’s also the name of a delicately tinged blue stone. Celestine is the perfect name for a light blue female betta, ideally with long, flowing fins.


Disney fans will recognize the name Merryweather as belonging to the blue fairy in Sleeping Beauty. Merryweather is a fun and unique name, suitable for male and female bettas. It would suit a bright blue betta best, ideally with a lively and quirky personality.


The kingfisher is a blue and orange bird, known for its stellar fishing skills. The name Kingfisher is a good unisex name for a multicolored betta, ideally with plenty of orange, red, white, and blue coloring.


Just about everyone will recognize the famous blue time machine from the Doctor Who series. Especially if your aquarium has a fantasy, sci-fi, or generally nerdy theme, Tardis makes a cute unisex name for any blue betta — ideally, one that dashes around the tank with plenty of energy.

Red Betta Fish Names

Red betta fish swimming in a planted tank

Vivid red bettas make strikingly beautiful additions to any fish tank. It’s almost impossible not to pick a red-themed name for your red betta:

Some red betta name ideas are:



Rose is a simple but timeless feminine name, ideal for a pale red betta. It gives the idea of classic elegance and suits just about any female betta.


Aries is a red sign of the Zodiac, giving the impression of fiery determination. This name is perfect for a vivid red betta, either male or female.


Literally meaning “rust-colored” or “red,” Rusty is a quirky name for a male or female betta. It can work especially well for a betta with marbled, grizzled, or otherwise patterned coloring.


Jasper is a red precious stone and is also a popular boy’s name. It can work well for a male betta, ideally, one that is somewhat aloof and reserved.

White Betta Fish Names

White fish can provide a striking counterpoint to your tank decorations and other colorful fish. Solid color bettas are very rare, so your white betta is more likely to be patterned and marbled with other colors.

Let’s take a look at some of the best white betta fish names:



A daisy is a cute, small, white flower. Predominantly used as a female name, Daisy is a good name for a timid, sweet female betta.


Snowball is a fun unisex name that references the snow-white color of some bettas. This is a name that suits any type of white betta with a fun-loving personality.


Luna is a girl’s name literally meaning “moon.” It’s unique, sweet, and particularly suited to quirky, dreamy fish. Harry Potter fans might immediately think of Luna Lovegood, a character known for her daydreaming and quirky personality.


Named after a famous star constellation, Orion is a traditionally masculine name. Orion was the son of Poseidon in Greek mythology, and the name means “rising in the sky, dawning.” Orion can be a good choice if you’re looking for a masculine name for a male white betta.

Purple Betta Fish Names

Purple is one of the most popular colors for betta fish. However, finding good purple-themed names seems to be a little harder than some of the other colors.

Here are a few purple betta name ideas:



Sharing the same name as the famous blue-and-purple character from Monsters Inc., Sully is short for Sullivan, and means, “Keen Eye.” Sully is a good masculine name for a marbled or patterned male betta, especially one with blue and purple coloring.


Violet is a classic name and is ideal for any female betta. If you feel that your betta needs a fancier name, you can choose Violetta or even Viola.


Royalty has often been associated with rich purples, particularly during Greek and Roman times. Royal can be a perfect unisex name for a grand and beautiful betta fish, especially one that is aloof and possibly a little reserved.


The hyacinth flower is small, sweet, and vividly purple. This is another classic name, but rarer than names like Violet or Lilac. Hyacinth would fit a more timid female betta, but it can work for a betta of any shape and personality.

Unique and Clever Betta Fish Names

Blue Betta swimming near pebble substrate

Everyone wants their pet to stand out. Try giving your betta a truly unique name, such as those below:



There has to be plenty of humor in naming a tiny fish something like Kraken, Leviathan, or Jaws. Kraken is a unisex name, and perfect for any shape, color, or size of betta fish. This name is especially great if the fish has a big personality.


Desdemona is another name belonging to a Shakespearean heroines theme. The name Desdemona means “ill-starred,” or “unlucky,” but it doesn’t have to be an unlucky name for your female betta. This name suits delicately colored, timid bettas.


If your betta is multicolored, Skittles is a perfect name for any size, shape, gender, or personality of betta. The name has a whimsical feel to it, and it’s completely unique.


Bettas are such beautiful fish, and many people would agree that they look like a work of art. So why not name your betta after one of the most famous artists in the world?

Funny and Cute Betta Fish Names

Not everyone wants to trawl Shakespeare for fish names. There are plenty of cute, funny fish names to take from pop culture, history, or just your own sense of humor.

Let’s take a look at a few cute betta fish names:

Mrs. PuffPearlBubbles


Naming your tiny betta fish after a ferocious man-eating shark is sure to get plenty of laughs. Jaws can work as a name for a male or female betta or just about any color. It works best with bettas that have feisty, ferocious personalities.


As the Greek god of the sea, there’s certainly humor in naming your betta Poseidon. This works best with a male betta, ideally white, green, blue, or purple. The more flowing and dramatic your betta’s tail and fins are, the more majestic your mini Poseidon will look.


Based on the famous cartoon, names like Ms. Puff, Squidward, and Spongebob are funny and popular names for fish of all kinds. If you have a yellow male betta, Spongebob could be the perfect name.


Gerald is a fantastic name for a fish. After all, it sounds funny, and you’re unlikely to come across any other betta fish named Gerald. The name means “ruler of the spear” and can be a cool, understated name for a feisty male betta.

Cool Betta Fish Names

Sometimes we just want our fish to look and sound cool. Betta fish are already staggeringly beautiful, so now it’s up to you to choose a cool name to match.

OscarCaptain HookMoby Dick


Pietri is derived from the name Peter, which means “rock-like, or sturdy.” This can be a cool, traditionally masculine name for a male betta of any size or color.


If naming your fish after a god of the sea or water (think Neptune or Poseidon) is just too mainstream, why not name your betta after the famous god of thunder? Thor is a cool male betta name, but it also has an element of fun.


The name Zorro means “sly fox,” and most people will immediately think of the famous Zorro films. Zorro can be a great name for a betta that’s quick and clever, ideally black or another dark color.


Orcas are known as the wolves of the sea and make a cooler betta fish name than Spongebob or Nemo. Orca is a good name for either a male or female betta, ideally with black and white coloring.

Japanese Betta Fish Names

black orchid betta swimming up close

Japanese names can convey the kind of majesty and beauty that bettas naturally have. Choosing short, easy-to-pronounce Japanese names is easiest. Take some time to check out the meaning behind each name.

Here are some memorable Japanese names for a betta fish:



Meaning “wild, impetuous male,” Susanoo can be a fun and quirky name for a mischievous male betta of any shape or color.


Meaning “dependence,” Yori is traditionally a male name. However, Yori still works well for a female betta. It’s better suited to small timid bettas.


Toshi means “mirror image” and it can be a good name for one of a duo of bettas. While it’s predominantly a female name, Toshi can work for a male or a female betta.


Takara means “treasure” or “jewel.” Takara sounds suitable for either a male or female betta. This name would suit visually striking bettas the best. For example, bettas with solid colors or bright patterns would suit the name Takara.

What to Do After Naming Your Betta Fish

Naming your betta fish is only the beginning of getting to know your fish and its unique personality. But be careful that you don’t get so caught up in the naming process that you forget about everything else.

Ensure that your fish tank is large enough for a betta, properly set up, and cycled before you even think of bringing your betta home. Always give your fish time to acclimate in the bag before adding them to the tank.

Be careful not to put two male bettas in the tank at once. Bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and two male bettas will fight each other to the death.

Naming your betta fish is exciting in the short term, but only proper care and attention will guarantee the long-term enjoyment of your fish.

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  1. Michael Lorden says:

    I love the Blue Bettas, and I always give them the same name because… Well, I guess I’m just not as creative as you. But I like to call them Blue Boy.


    • Carl Buelow says:

      You could name them aquaman,aqua,azul,or electric.

    • Mishael says:

      Here I have two blue betta fish it is male and female I named male as Aqua Ekon and female as Electric Keva
      Thank u so much I suggest this if u liked it

  2. Janice says:

    I named my Betta, Mushu. He is a beautiful dragon scale.

    • Carl Buelow says:

      I named my Betta, King. He is also a beautiful dragon scale. What color is your dragon scale? Mines Blue and Red.

  3. Margaret says:

    Our blue Beta is “Frank”. He just looks and acts like a Frank ?

  4. Marie Raney says:

    Pom Pom because she is a beautiful female dumbo ear who looks like a cheerleader always shaking her poms

  5. Gayle Colburn says:

    Years ago I had two bettas, Sugar Ray and Evander. My beautiful Snickers,who just died recently was a deep chocolate color.

    • Jarrah says:


      • Anrea says:

        I have recently got a new betta because the betta I had named Bobby has died recently and I had had him for a year and I got another bay betta and I need a new name I need help naming him pls

  6. Joann Williams says:

    I had a Betta for over three years named Hans Solo. I finally decided to get another after losing both my cat and my pygmu goat. He’s beautiful and I named him Neptune.

  7. Jen says:

    I have two bettas my first one is yellow and black I named him Lawliet and my other betta is a king betta and his name is Gucci

  8. Adriana Guajardo says:

    I named mine a very off the wall Japanese name . . Hiku mai which means to push and pull

  9. Wei says:

    I named my Plakat, FieryBerry. His body shines blue, his body is black and his fins are red! He’s also really aggressive. I was thinking about how could I combine BlueBerry and Fiery and I got………………… FieryBerry!

  10. Kay North says:

    I have a koi named Miko and just got two females, a blue and a light green but I’m having trouble coming up with names for them any suggestions?

    • Chloe says:

      Loki ( thor’s brother)
      Bruno (marz)
      Shark bait (from finding nemo)

    • DizzyIzzy says:

      Miley and Masha

    • Jenny says:

      You could name them Patrick (for the green one) and Indigo or Twilight (for the blue one)

    • Hungyaqua the betta says:

      how about Lilikoi (get it? ?) and Azula (for the blue one)?

  11. Brittany says:

    I have a black mustard beata cant figure out a name plz help

    • Abigail says:

      I named my Black Mustard Betta Kernel

    • Nitorious Nightshade says:

      lightning, plasma, shadow, ombre, foudre, beau, bakugou, ground zero, crispy, bee, bumble, hornet, lunch.
      these are just a few of my ideas!

    • Jenny says:

      How about Bumblebee

  12. J. Slate says:

    I have a black mustard betta…his name is Dijon

  13. Kim says:

    We had one named Mo Betta, and Dewey. Because he was dewey.

  14. jessica butler says:

    I have a white Betta and I named it Luna!? Thank you so much for the suggestion.

  15. Shea says:

    I named my fish Rufous he is a blue and red betta with a beautiful tail. Thank you for some suggestions!

  16. Jen says:

    I have two blue bettas each with his own personal mystery snail. Finnick and Sheldon hang out in one tank and Star Blue and Snickers are in the other. They both make me so happy. The fish are now 16 months old. Just got the snails to help with the algae. Both have live plants as well. Love spoiling them. 🙂

  17. Katrina Charles says:

    I just got my first betta…I named him Saturn.

  18. Jolie says:

    I have a blue and purple betta and Idk what to name him! Please help

  19. Savannah says:

    I named mine Cora(she was blue), and Shelly (she was white and red.)

  20. ella says:

    i have a read and blue beta and cant find a name for him plz help i was thinking about Zeus

    • Annie says:

      Ling long

  21. Faith says:

    I just got my first Betta. It’s a female. Shes a beautiful dark blue with streaks of purple and teal. In her face, she has spots that are almost freckle-like. I would name her Blue but i have a dog named Blue… please help! 🙂

  22. Tessa says:

    I just got a red white and blue Betta, does anybody have any suggestions?

    • Ronna says:


  23. Sarita McGuinness says:

    Dexter as he is handsome but has that murderous nature, Sinatra as he has blue eyes and very layed back, Selene also blue eyes from the character in underworld, Pete as he’s a big boy ☺️ then Galaxy also a big girl, Casa Blanco and Ally who are both white ☺️

  24. Shabna says:

    I recently bought 2 bettas and named them Cherry – red one and Berry – blue and red combination

  25. Lovebetta says:

    I’m considering getting a betta which I will name Supernova.

  26. Lily says:

    I named my red Halfmoon Betta Crimson-

  27. Michelle says:

    I have a blue half moon betta. I named him Danny. It’s short for the Blue Danube River:

  28. Nope says:

    This site would actually be cool if I could look at it for 5 seconds without an add popping up

  29. Unknown says:

    My friend’s betta is named Blaze, he is a dragon tail

  30. Dayleen Garza says:

    I have a blue and red betta idk what its gender is does anyone have any unisex names.

  31. sophie says:

    ive got two betta ones red and his name is Rango, and ones rainbow and his name is Quest
    also, here’s a list of names i have come up with for any pet’s 😉
    flo or flow
    max or Maximillian
    king or queen
    and the last one means a lot to me it was the name of my cat who passed here recently
    hope you enjoy these names and stay safe

  32. Lexi says:

    I named my betta fish Kia he is a boy

  33. No name says:

    I had a red, white, and blue fish. His name was rocket. I now have a orange fish. I named him Gimli (from lord of the rings)

  34. Bella says:

    I just got a new male blue butterfly betta and i am having a hard time finding a name for him. Please leave some name suggestions in a reply. Thank you

  35. Taylor says:

    I have a lunar flare beta. He has a red tail, indigo body, and brown/orange head. Not sure what to name him. Suggestions?

  36. Madhav A says:

    Hi, I named y betta fish cosmo because he has a stealthy blue color and is a bit more aggressive.and i named my second betta flare because he is aggressive and has a fire red color.

  37. IndiFlare4444 says:

    I have had a lot of bettas, (27) and so have used a lot of names!:
    (More coming!

  38. Asialee Lynch says:

    Looking for a name for my black slightly blue betta fish. He is a black Orchard male.

  39. I have a double fin beta that is blue and red with big beautiful fins and we named him “SQUISHY” because he’s always flopping around like a squishy gummy fish

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