gold barbs
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The Ultimate Gold Barb Care Guide

Gold Barbs are a species that are sure to brighten up your aquarium. They dazzle with their colors and shoaling behaviors, leaving you transfixed on your fish tank. What makes them even more popular is their ease of care. Beginner aquarists will enjoy their hardy nature and simple needs, so [Continue reading …]


20 Gallon Planted Tank

My 20 gallon long fish tank populated with angels, kribensis, rams, lots of corys, two goldfish, hatchet fish, silver dollars, Amazon swords, elodea and banana plants. By: Steven Koti


10 Gallon Planted Tank

My 10 gal tank with one male plakat betta and his blue ramshorn snail buddies. Plants include salvinia minima, Italian vals, dwarf sag, java fern, crypt crostata, and crypt wendti red. By: Colleen Callahan, Freeland, MD, USA