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Breeding Betta Fish: From Selecting a Pair to Raising the Fry

Bettas are vibrant colored fish with long flowing fins and are very popular among aquarists. There are hundreds of different varieties of Betta fish, all with different shaped tails, patterns and coloring. Some people choose to breed these fish to create new varieties, some choose to breed them for shows, [Continue reading …]

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Paradise Gourami Fish: Care, Diet, Tank Mates…

Most people pick fish for their aquarium based on appearance. Paradise fish initially appeal to people because of their red and blue stripes, but upon further research people are put off by their aggressive behaviors. So should you avoid this fish because of it’s aggression or does their appearance make [Continue reading …]

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How Long Do Betta Fish Live? 5 Tips to Increase Their Lifespan

Bettas are one of the most popular freshwater fish around, especially with first time fish keepers. There are many varieties, each having different tail shapes and colors, from the Crowntail Betta to the Veiltail Betta. The males are the most sought after, because of their vivid colors and long flowing [Continue reading …]