Ember Tetra Is The Fire Tetra Right For Your Aquarium Cover
Freshwater Fish

Ember Tetra: Is The Fire Tetra Right For Your Aquarium?

Tropical fish have risen in popularity over the last few years because of their striking appearance and playful personalities. The Ember Tetra is an eye catching fish that will light up any aquarium, and its temperament makes it a great choice for any community tank. If you are looking for [Continue reading …]

Bala Shark Is This Gentle Giant Right For Your Aquarium Banner
Freshwater Fish

Bala Shark: Is This Gentle Giant Right For Your Aquarium

The Bala Shark is a relatively large freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. This beautiful looking fish would make a great addition to plenty of freshwater aquariums and its temperament is guaranteed to make it a great tank mate for your other fish. Due to its size, we recommend that [Continue reading …]

Yoyo Loach Care Guide Size, Breeding And Much More Banner
Freshwater Fish

Yoyo Loach Care Guide: Size, Breeding And Much More…

The Yoyo Loach is an interestingly colored fish that brings energy and activity to your tank. Their dark bands with light blue tint contrasts against their silver bodies creating a really interesting look. This fish is generally peaceful but is known to fight with members of their own species. They [Continue reading …]