1001+ Fish Names – All The Best Ideas You Didn’t Think Of List!

If you’ve come to this page, you’ll be looking for a name for your new pet and you’re in luck.

We have compiled the largest list of fish names online and I’m sure you’ll leave this page with a perfect name for your fish.

Just like other animals, fish have characteristics and personalities all of their own, so you may want to wait a few days to get to know them before you choose a name.

The options are endless for fish names.

Not only can you name them after their characteristics and personalities, you can choose famous people’s names, TV or movie characters, place names or simply just make the name up.

Let’s start off, by looking at famous fish names.

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Famous Fish

Perhaps you’d like to name your fish after the some famous fins? Here are a few suggestions of fish that have starred in movies:

Name Film
Dory Finding Nemo
Flounder The Little Mermaid
Jabberjaw Jabberjaw
Lenny Shark Tale
Mr. Limpet The Incredible Mr. Limpet
Nemo Finding Nemo
Mrs. Puff SpongeBob SquarePants

Pairs of Names

If you’re buying your fish in pairs, what about giving them a great pair name?

Nice Names Movie Names Fun Names
Zig and Zag Bonnie and Clyde Ben and Jerry
Yin and Yang Chip and Dale Tick and Tock
Jack and Jill Simba and Nala Scramble and Egg
Romeo and Juliet Tramp and Lady Fish and Chips
Frank and Ethel Minnie and Mickey Mac and Cheese
Moon and Stars Dumb and Dumber Thing 1 and Thing 2

Top 5 Male Names


Meaning: Bruce literally means ‘thick brush,’ it is both a surname and a given name.

Popularity: Made more popular by movie stars such as Bruce Lee and Batman’s Bruce Wayne, Bruce is a world-wide popular name.

Suggested Use: Perhaps a popular name for a fish because of Bruce from Jaws. The name would suit a larger fish breed such as a Pleco.


Meaning: Bob is shortened form of Robert.

Popularity: Well-known name in its own right because of Bob Marley and Bob Dylan.

Suggested Use: As a fish name, Bob is a simple and short yet strong choice of name and would suit breeds such as Guppies and Cherry Barbs.


Meaning: Nemo is of Greek origin and is actually Latin for ‘no one’.

Popularity: Unsurprisingly, the name Nemo shot into popularity in 2003 when ‘Finding Nemo’ was released.

Suggested Use: Clownfish.


Meaning: Shadow is a Shakespearean name.

Popularity: It would be a great name for a fish who likes to lurk in the shadows of your aquarium.

Suggested Use: Black Ghost Knifefish.


Popularity: Spot would make a great name for most breeds of fish in which spots are a common feature.

Suggested Use: Any spotty fish for example the Spotted Puffer Fish.

Orange Fish Names

Top 5 Female Names


Meaning: From the Latin name ‘Angelus’ which was means messenger.

Popularity: Although it derived from a masculine name, Angel is now more commonly used as a female name.

Suggested Use: Any breed but most commonly used with Angelfish.


Meaning: Literally means sunny and cheerful.

Popularity: This name is making a comeback after losing popularity after 1905.

Suggested Use: Any bright and cheery fish, for example the Yellow Tang.


Meaning: Jewel is a precious stone, and is also derived from the French word ‘jouel’ which might have been related to jea (game).

Popularity: Generic gemstone name used to symbolize how special and precious one is.

Suggested Use: For a rare breed or special fish such as the Zebra Pleco.


Meaning: A Hebrew name meaning sprite, Lion of God.

Popularity: Originally used as a male name, this is now a common female name.

Suggested Use: For any lively fish breeds such as a Barb.


Meaning: A Greek name which means ‘flower’ or ‘bobbin’.

Popularity: Sometimes short for Penelope, though it is also a name in its own right.

Suggested Use: Any colourful fish, for example a Rainbow Fish.

Red Fish Names

Top 5 Unisex Names


Popularity: A very common fish name derived from the bubbles fish make.

Suggested Use: Any breed at all.


Meaning: A popular name used to symbolise not only the colour but also the precious metal, gold.

Suggested Use: Goldfish and other fish that are precious.


Meaning: And Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘unity’.

Suggested Use: Appropriate for the more peaceful and calm fish such as the Neon Tetra.


Meaning: Finn is an Irish name which means ‘fair’.

Popularity: Fin is an adaptation of Finn, and play on words with the fish ‘fin’

Suggested Use: Any fish, perhaps those with larger fins for example any of the Betta species.


Meaning: Glimmer means ‘to shine’.

Popularity: Glimmer was a name of a character in the Hunger Games.

Suggested Use: Any sparkly or shiny fish such as the Rainbow Fish.

White Fish Names

The Most Comprehensive List of Fish Names

If you’re searching for something outside the norm, or a little bit more unusual then I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name in this vast list. It’s split up into male, female, and unisex names and it’s been alphabetized.

Male Names

007′ Gin Obie
Ace Gnome Odie
AJ Goliath Oliver
Ali Goliath Ollie
Alpha Gollum Orca
Alstin Goober Orlando
Anarchy Goonie Oscar
Andro Gord Oscar
Andy Gordo Othello
Aphrodite Gordy Otto
Appollo Grant Owen
AquaBobSquarepants Graucho Pablo
Archibald Grayson Pal
Archie Greg Palomino
Ares Guido Papa
Art Guillermo Papa Smurf
Artemus Gunther Parker
Artie Gustac Parson
Asa Gustav Patrick
Astor Hadley Paul
Astro Hagar Paulie
Athur Hagen Pebo
Axle Haggard PeeWee
Azmus Hal Pele
Babe Hamlet Pepster
Babel Hardy Pete
Bacon Harley Peter
Balthazar Harpo Petey
Barney Harry Phantom
Bart Helga Pietri
Barthomew Henri Plankton
Barto Henry Pogo
Batista Herb Pongo
Batman Herculus Preacher
Beau Herms Presley
Beaumont Hernando Prester
Benji Herny Prince
Bennie Hirudoki Puff Daddy
Berto Homor Pug
Berty Honda Punk
Bester Hondo Punky
Bevis Horatio Pythagoras
BigBubb Hotohori Quake
Billie Houdini Quaker
Billy Houlio Quazimoto
Bingo Howard Quimby
Blade Humbo Quincey
Blu Hummy Quinn
Bo Husker Quinn
Bob Hydra Quint
Bones Ian Quinton
Boney Iccarus Quinton
Bosco Iggy Rad
Bowie Igor Radly
Bowser Inspector Gadget Ralph
Boy Iori Ralphie
Boyd Isaac Ramsey
Bozo Ishmael Rastremski
Brad Ishmal Raymond
Brat Isiah Raz
Bravos Ivan Razor
Bret Jack Razzy
Brownie Jackson Reddy
Bruce Jade Reginald
Bruce Lee James Reginauld
Brutus Jamie Remy
Bub Jaques Rex
Bubba Jasper Rhino
Bubster Jericho Rick
Bud Jerry Rikey
Buddy Jessie Ringo
Bueller Jetsam Rio
Bugatti Jim Ripper
Bugatti Jimbo Rippy
Bumba Jiminy Cricket Robo
Bungee Jin Rockey
Burgess Joe Rocky
Burns Joey Rod
Burnsie Johnathan Rodney
Buster Johnny Roger
Cal Johnson Ron
California Johnston Ronald
Callum Jonah Rondo
Calvin Jonhy Ronnie
Calypso Juan Rosco
Candy Jughead Roy
Captain Jack Jumper Rumplestiltskin
Carlo Kabato Russell
Carlos Kahlua Salem
Carlton Kai Sammy
Casimir Kalahari Samson
Casper Karbo Samuel
Casper Karen Sargeant
Chachi Karl Scatman
Chad Kelvin Scooter
Chandler Ken Scott
Channing Kennedy Scotty
Chapuys Kenny Sebastian
Charlie Kent Sergio
Cheech Kepler Seto
Chester Kermit Sharky
Chett Kevin Sheen
Chewbacca Kiko Sir Arther
Clark Killer Sirius Black
Cleetus Kimbo Ski
Cleo King Skippy
Cliff Kob Skull
Clifford Kosher Skylar
Clifton Kostya Sly
Clinon Kraken Slyvester
Clint Kreacher Sonic
Colburn Kronos Spider
Colby Kujo Spike
Cooper Lapsang Spongebob
Cord Largent Stallion
Cory Larry Stalone
Craig Lavender Stanley
Cujo Lenny Stargazer
Curt Leo Stealth
Cusser Leon Stefan
Dad Fish Leonardo Steinberg
Dafoe Lewis Stevan
Dallas Lilly Steve
Dan Ling Stevie
Daniel Lonesome Stew
Danny Lord Stewie
Dave Lordes Stewy
David Loser Striker
DaVinci Louie Stud
Davis Lucifer Sulley
Decker Mac Survivor
Delos Machine Sykes
Demetri Mack Tama-Chan
Denzel Maestro Tangsodo
Devine Magnus Tarantular
Dexter Malcolm Tasuki
Diablo Malcom T-Bone
Dick Malikye Ted
Diego Malone Telescope
Diggy Manchester Telly
Dilbert Mandrake Tetra
Dingo Marlboro The God Father
Dino Marley Theo
Dirk Marlin Theodore
Dixon Marshal Thomas
Dog Marvin Tigger
Domenick Mason Tim
Dominic Matthew Timmy
Domino Maurice Tito
Don Maverick Tom
Dosco Max Tommy
Doug Maximus Tony
Dr Dre Maxwell Tory
Dr Suess Mel Toto
Draco Mello Trevor
Drago Melvin Tucker
Drake Memphis Tuna
Drew Mervish Turbo
Duke Michael Angelo Tu-Tone
Dusty Michael Jackson Tyson
Earl Mickey Ulysses
Ed Mickey Mouse Ungo
Eddy Mikey Vader
Edmund Mila Valdez
Eiji Milo Vanelli
Einstein Minos Vangogh
Elliott Miso Velma
Elvis Mister Venus
Ernest Moby Vern
Ernie Moby Dick Victor
Ervin Moe Vince
Eustace MoJo Vinny
Ewen Monster Voldy
Ezekiel Monstro Waggy
Fab Monty Wally
Fabian Moon Walter
Fabio Morey Wasabi
Fellini Morris Wasp
Fern Motzart Watson
Fernando Mouse Wiggums
Fez Mr Blacky Wilbur
Fin Mr Bubbles Wilfred
Finley Mr Nibbles William
Finnegan Mrs Bigglesworth Willie
Flick Mrs Puff Wince
Flicker Mufasa Witt
Flicky Muhammed Alie Xandir
Flipper Murphy Xaralto
Floater Murry Xavier
Flotsam Musketeers Xena
Floyd Napoleon Xenon
Follett Naruto Xero
Fonzie Ned Yassar
Fox Neddy Yaz
Franco Neil Yeti
Frank Nemo Yogi
Franky Nero Yuki
Fred Nessie Yuri
Freddy Nestor Zaltar
Frederick Nexus Zamboni
Fresco Nicholas Zanton
Gandalf Nick Zero
Garfield Nigel Zeus
Garth Nile Ziggy
Gatsby Nillson Zim
Gavin Nina Zivan
Gazer Ninji Zolan
General Finn Noelle Zoltan
George Norton Zorb
Gerriattic Nuriko Zoro
Gilbert Obewan

Female Names

Ariel Goldie Orchid
Abby Grace Pamela
Adara Gracie Pandora
Addison Grasshopper Paradise
Adele Greta Paris
Adriana Gretchen Parisia
Afifa Gretel Patty
Aggie Grier Peach
Akira Gwen Peanut
Allie Gweneth Pearly
Ally Half-Note Pebbles
Almond Halle Peggy
Alyssa Halycon Penelope
Amanda Hannah Penny
Amber Harley Pepper
Amy Harlow Petula
Andrea Harmony Petunia
Andy Hattie Phantasia
Angel Hazel Phelia
Angela Hazy Phoebe
Angelina Heidi Piper
Angie Helda Pippin
Annie Helen Pistachio
Antoinette Hepburn Pixie
Aphrodite Hera Pocahontas
Aquamarine Hestia Pocket
Aria Hilda Polly
Ariel Holiday Posy
Arlo Holly Primrose
Asia Honey Princess
Aster Honeysuckle Priss
Athena Iggy Prissy
Aurora Indigo Prudence
Babs Irene Psylocke
Babsy Iris Quala
Baby Ivy Queen
Bailey Izzy Queenie
Bambi Jade Quera
Barbara Jagger Quilla
Barbie Jasmine Quora
Baroness Jax Rachel
Beauty Jazzy Rapunzel
Bella Jelly Bean Raquel
Belle Jenna Reese
Bess Jenny Rhonda
Bessie Jess Riley
Betty Jessie Rio
Bianca Jett Rochelle
Billie Jewel Rogue
Bindi Jewels Romy
Bittersweet Jezebel Roo
Bliss Jillian Rosalind
Blossom Jilly Rose
Blue Ivy Josie Rosebud
Blush Jubilee Rosie
Bobbie Jules Rosy
Bonbon Julia Rowena
Bonnie Julie Roxanne
Bonsai Juno Roxie
Brandy Karen Roxy
Brea Karla Roz
Brenda Katherine Ruby
BrightEyes Kathleen Rudi
Britt Katie Sabrina
Broncs Katniss Sadie
Brooklyn Kelly Sally
Bubba Kendra Sammy
Bubbler Kenya Sandy
Bubbles Kiarra Sapphire
Bubbly Kimbra Sappho
Buffy Kimmie Sara
Buttercup Kimono Saraj
Button Kirra Sasha
Cabaret Kisses Sassy
Cali Kitty Savanah
Callie Kiwi Savannah
Callista Kota Scarlet
Calypso Krystal Scout
Cameo Kylie Sedona
Candy Kyra Serenity
Carly Lacey Shadow
Carmel Lady Shana
Carnation Ladybug Shanna
Casey LadyJ Shelby
Cassandra Laney Shelly
Cassie Lassie Sherbet
Cathy Laura Sheryl
Cerise Laurel Sidney
Chanel Lavender Sienna
Charity Layla Sierra
Charlie Lemon Silky
Cher Lexi Silvia
Cherie Lexie Siri
Cherry Libby Sissy
Chestnut Licorice Skye
Cheyenne Lilli Snapdragon
Chiquita Lilly Snookie
Chloe Lily Snowflake
Chrissy Lima Snowy
Cindy Lips Sonya
Cinnamon Lisa Sookie
Cleopatra Liza Sophia
Clover Lizzy Sophie
Coco Locket Sparkle
Cocoa Lois Spirit
Colbie Lola Star
Cookie Lolly Starburst
Corita Lorraine Starla
Cotton Lottie Starr
Courtney Lovely Stella
Crystal Lu Stephie
Cupid Lucinda Storm
Daiquiri Lucky Straw
Daisy Lucy Strawberry
Dakota Luise Sue
Danielle Lula Sugar
Darbie Lulu Susan
Daria Luna Suzanne
Darla Lynn Suzie
Deb Mable Sweetheart
Debbie Mackenzie Sydney
Debra Macy Taffy
Delila Maddie Tallulah
Demi Madison Tammy
Desert Madonna Tanya
Destiny Magenta Tasmin
Devine Maggie Taylor
Dewdrop Mallory Tee-tee
Dianna Mango Tessa
Dingo ManKiller Tessie
Diva Maple Theresa
Dixie Marcie Tilly
Dolly Margaret Tina
Domino Marie Tinkerbell
Donna Marigold Tory
Dora Marilyn Trinket
Dory Marissa Trisha
Duchess Marley Trixie
Eden Marsha Twinkie
Edith MaryJane Twinkle
Electra Mavi Una
Elizabeth Meadowlark Unity
Ella Megala Ursula
Elvira Megan Utah
Emily Melissa Valentino
Emma Melody Venessa
Evanescence Mia Venus
Eve Miaka Vercalia
Evelyn Mila Vernia
Evina Millie Veronica
Expresso Mimi Vesper
Faith Mini Victoria
Fantasia Minion Victorious
Fantasma Minnie Violet
Fara Minx Viva
Faye Miriam Vix
Feebs Missa Vixen
Felicity Missy Wanda
Fern Misty Warrior Princess
Fifi Molly Wavy
Fina Mona Wendy
Finley Moxie Whimsey
Fiona Muffin Whisper
Flix Munchkin Whitney
Flo Mystic Willow
Florence Mystique Windy
Flossie Nadie Wings
Flower Nala Winnie
Folina Natalia Wisteria
Foxface Natty Wynnie
Foxy Nell Xanda
Fran Nellie Xelda
Francessca Nessa Xena
Francine Nessie Xenia
Frannie Nibbles Yasmin
Freddie Nicky Yoko
Gabby Nicole Yolanda
Gail Nightingale Yori
Galaxy Nikita Yvette
Gazelle Nikki Zara
Georgi Nilina Zelda
Gidget Nobia Zena
Gigi Odessa Zinnia
Gill Oksana Zinny
Gillian Olive Zoe
Gilly Olivia Zoey
Ginger Olivia Jane Zsa
Giselle Omy Zuzu
Glorious Opal
Golden Girl Ophelia

Unisex Names

Abba Flounder Porky
Ace Flow Puddles
Akira Fluffy Puffer
Albino Fly Pumpkin
Algae Flyer Quicky
Algae Eater Folly Rainbow
Alpha Footsie Raspberry
Amethyst Foozle Red
Anarchy Fossil Relaxo
Anchor Foxy Rink
Andy Fozzie Rocket
Angel Fraggle Rocky
Ankles Freckle Roller
Aphrodite Freckles Rollie
Aqua Freddy RollyPolly
Astro Frosty Rolo
Atlantic Fumble Ruby
Atlantis Galaxy Saka
Atlas Gaza Salt
Azzuri GeneralFin Salt
Babies Genuis Sam
Babs Gherkin Sammy
Baby Ghost Saturn
Badge Ginger Scare
Badger Gizmo Scat
Bait Glimmer Scooby
Bamba Glow Scooter
Bana Goggle Scruffy
Bangles Goldenier Shadow
Banjo GoldFish Sharpie
Barfy Goldie Silver
Bean Goldy Skipper
Beanie Greeny Skittles
Bear Grizzly Sky
Beetle Gucci Slammin’
Bicker Guppie Slick
Big Fish Guppy Slidey
Biggie Gypsy Slimer
Bingo GypsyBean Slimey
Binky Halogen Slipper
Birdy Hammer Slither
Bitsy Harley Smalls
Blingo Hernia Smarty
Bloop Hesper Smokey
Blue Hiccup Smudge
Bobbie Hinkle Snapper
Boink Hippo Snapper
Boise Hister Snorter
Bongo Hondo Snow
Boo Honey Snowball
BooBoo Hoover Snowy
Boomer Humble Sparkle
Boots Hummer Spazzy
Bozo Hurley Speckles
Brassy Hydra Speckles
Brownie Indy Speedy
Bubble Inky Spidey
Bubbles Izzy Spike
Bubbly Jagged Splash
Bull Jaws Spot
Bullet Jawz Spottie
Bungee Jazz Spotty
Burger Jet Spud
Busbie Jiggy Sputter
Buttercup Jigsaw Squidgy
Caddy Jingles Squirt
Cali Jo Squirt
Caramel JoJo Squish
Cassco Kai Squishy
Cat Kaida Stinky
Catalyst Kang Storm
Chantz Kasius Stripes
Chee-Chee Kenya Stryker
Cheese Kibble Suki
Chip Kisser Sunny
Chippy Kissy Sunny
Chomper Klepto sunset
Chompy Knuckles Sunshine
Chong Krypton Sushi
ChooChoo Kyo Tango
Clang Lapala Tango
Clash Lazy Tapas
Cleo Lefty Target
Cling Licker Tasuki
Clown Lightening Taz
Clowney Linger Tesla
Coco Lingo Tetra
Cocoa Link Thumper
Comet Lion Tibbles
Cookie Lippy TieDye
Copper Lipsy Tigger
Coral Little Boo Tilly
Cosmo Little Fish Tiny
Crimsin Loco Tipper
Crimson Macaroni Tippy
Croucho Magma Tipsy
Cruiser Mandarin Tonga
Crush Mango Topaz
Crystal Marble Toppy
Cucumber Marshmallow Toy
Cuddles McLovin Tranquil
Curly Meep-meep Tricky
Custard Miggy Trigger
Cutey Mikey Tropicana
Cutie Pie Miso Trouble
Daffy Misty Tsunami
DaKoi Mojo Tugger
Dandy Mollusk Twinkle
Dangler Monsoon Uno
Danny Monster Valentine
Dash Montana Vamoose
Dasher Moon Vanilla
Destiny Moonie Vega
Digger Mouthy Velvet
Dilly Muggle Vesper
Dinky Murph Violet
Disco Narak Viper
Dizzy Nebula Virgo
Dor’Dor Nemo Waffle
Dory Neon Waggy
Drew Netty Walter
Droopy New Moon Wango
Ducky Nexus Wave
Duo Nibbles Wavy
Dusty Nipper Whacky
Eagle Elmer Nippy Whatever
Early Nipsy Whipper
Eclipse Noel Whisper
Electric Nutso Whitebone
Eureka Oki Whitey
Evil Orangey WiFi
Ewok Order Willow
Fancy Orion Wings
Fang Pacific Wingy
Fangs Pal Winter
Fearless Pancake Yang
Fin Patch Yappy
Fins Pebbles Yapster
Fish Pecker Yella
Fish Sticks PeeWee Yellow
Fishy Penguin Ying
Fishy Wishy Pep Yoga
Flapper Pepper Yoshe
Flappy Pesto Zebra
Flash Pickles Zeddy
Flick Picky Zipper
Flicker Pinky Zippy
Flicky Pokey Zipster
Flipper Polo Zoom
Floater Pooky
Floppsy Popsicle

Still Not Found What You’re Looking For?

If you’ve still not spotted anything that suits your fish, here are some more options.

What’s your favourite film? Could you name all the fish in your aquarium after certain characters within the film?

For example, if your favourite film is Harry Potter, you have a vast array of names such as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Sirius, Hargid. You also have the option of spells, and magical objects.

Alternatively, does your fish have any special markings that you could name it after? For example, Spot, Stripe, Blotch etc.

How about combining two of the names above e.g. Bubble Galaxy or Goldie Star?

If you’re looking for something a little different, how about adding a title to the fishes name – Mr Clifford, Sir Ned or Lil Snowy?

And finally, if you’re still struggling for a name…why not come up with your own unique name?

If you can think of any more names, let us know in the comments section below.

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  2. A Rana says:

    I want to know about the orange fish, know about how to identity of male and female and their time period for producing eggs and babies

    • Fishkeeping World says:

      Hello, It is a common Goldfish. Females are rounder and their vent (anal opening) protrude slightly. Goldfish are egg layers, and once fertilised the eggs will hatch in 5-7 days. Thanks, Robert

  3. Gabriël says:

    Ive got 5 clownloaches, ones half blind, so i called him Harvey two-face. The other four are called pet (I originally had 3, pim, Pam and pet after a game called pimpampet), charles, whiskers and Jeff.
    They’re my lil buddies and I love them super much!

  4. Nubbo says:

    a few names i have in mind for my fish, is blip or blippy, toss, or sean. I didnt see them on the list, though I probably missed them. This is a very helpful page and would use it to name all kinds of animals.

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