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RobertRobert has been keeping fish for almost thirty years. He was first introduced to the world of fish through his Uncle’s fascinating saltwater tank. After that, he was determined to have his own tank, and at the age of four, his parents bought him his first fish tank. Since then, Roberts’ love for fish has continued to grow, and he now shares this joy with thousands of others through his website, Fishkeeping World. Here he has carried out in-depth research into many different species; experimenting with how to replicate both their natural habitat and diet into tanks, and has educated over 350,000 people in the past year alone.

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RowanRowan is a student from Oxfordshire, England. Fish have always been a big part of his life, he’s been keeping some since childhood, and now he studies Marine Biology with an integrated master’s degree at the University of Southampton. When starting to write, fish became the obvious thing to write about, since they’re so involved in his life already. Other things Rowan enjoys are racket sports and board games. Though he’s just beginning, Rowan hopes to keep writing about things he loves in the future.

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If you’re new to fishkeeping, you’re probably wondering what sort of aquarium you’ll need, which breed of fish you want to keep and whether to choose freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

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