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Freshwater Fish

Neon Tetra Complete Care Guide

The Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) is a small freshwater fish native to South America. Due to its vibrant colors and ease-of-care, it is one of the most popular fish amongst fish keepers. Its peaceful temperament and simple dietary needs make it an ideal beginner fish. In our complete care guide [Continue reading …]

How Much Time Do You Need For Fishkeeping Cover

How Much Time Do You Need For Fishkeeping?

Just like any other hobby, fishkeeping will require a certain amount of your time each week. If you were starting golf or gardening you’d allow yourself so much time per week depending on how seriously you want to take your new hobby. Fishkeeping is no different. It’s important to decide [Continue reading …]

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Hornwort: The Complete Care Guide

There are many reasons to introduce plants into your tank. From oxygenating the water to providing shelter, plants will keep the tank, and the fish much healthier. Hornwort is one of the easiest freshwater plants to grow. This is demonstrated by its success in the wild where it has spread [Continue reading …]