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Damselfish Complete Care Guide for Blue, Yellow and More Banner
Saltwater Fish

Damselfish: Complete Care Guide for Blue, Yellow and More

The Damselfish belong to the Pomacentridae family, of which there is over 250 species. Whilst the majority of these Damselfish species are found in saltwater, certain species can survive in brackish waters. The Damselfish are renowned for their bright colors, hardiness and ease to keep. It’s important to mention that [Continue reading …]

Killifish Species,
Freshwater Fish

Killifish: Species, Tank Conditions, Diet and Breeding

Killifish are one of the most vibrantly coloured and beautifully patterned freshwater fish. For this reason Killifish enthusiasts are one of the largest groups of fish keeping enthusiasts around. Keeping fish can be a very rewarding hobby however we recommend you have at least 2 years of fish keeping experience [Continue reading …]

Scarlet Badis Care Guide Tank Mates, Feeding and Breeding Banner
Freshwater Fish

Scarlet Badis Care Guide: Tank Mates, Feeding and Breeding

If you are looking for an easy to care for freshwater fish, the Scarlet Badis is the fish for you. The males have beautiful bright colors which almost look like living rubies. With their stunning appearance and their shy and peaceful temperament, it’s no surprise that they have grown very [Continue reading …]