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Pictus Catfish Size, Care and Tank Mates Banner
Freshwater Fish

Pictus Catfish: Size, Care and Tank Mates

The Pictus Catfish is an unmistakable fish and is hugely popular amongst hobby fish keepers. Its popping colors and energetic personality all make for delightful characteristics. Whilst it can be challenging for novice keepers to keep healthy, its unique characteristics makes the challenge worthwhile. In our complete care guide to [Continue reading …]

Rainbow Shark Care Guide, Feeding, Size, and Tankmates Banner
Freshwater Fish

Rainbow Shark: Care Guide, Feeding, Size and Tankmates

Rainbow Sharks, also known as Red Fin Sharks or Ruby Sharks, are small tropical freshwater fish native to Thailand. They are known for their vibrant red fins and being territorial. If you’re looking to add some color and attitude to your aquarium this may just be the fish for you. [Continue reading …]


Fishkeeping World 2018 Scholarship

Fishkeeping World is delighted to announce our annual Fishkeeping World scholarship opportunity available for college/university students, vocational, and trade schools. Our goal is to help promote the positive benefits of fish keeping and we’re looking for you to share your knowledge with us. Can You Enter? It’s simple if you’re [Continue reading …]