Nerite Snails The Definitive Care Guide Banner
Freshwater Fish

Nerite Snails: The Definitive Care Guide

Nerite snails are one of the best options when trying to keep your tank clean, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater. They spend most of their time moving around the tank, consuming any algae in their path. Snails are ideal for beginner, as they are likely to make a few mistakes. [Continue reading …]

What do Starfish Eat Starfish Diet 101 Banner
Saltwater Fish

What do Starfish Eat: Starfish Diet 101

Starfish are found in oceans across the world, including the Arctic and the Antarctic. However, it is the Pacific region that has the most diverse number. There are roughly 2,000 species worldwide and they come in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes. These fascinating creatures are very different [Continue reading …]

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Saltwater Fish

Moray Eel Complete Guide: Species, Habitat and Much More…

When starting a fish tank, adding an eel may not be your first thought. But if you are thinking about making the jump from “classic” fish to something a bit more unorthodox, Morays make a unique alternative. Moray eels are becoming increasingly popular with experienced fish keepers. The range of [Continue reading …]

Green Chromis Care Guide, Reef Compatibility, Diet and More Banner
Saltwater Fish

Green Chromis: Care Guide, Reef Compatibility, Diet and More

The Green Chromis is by far one of the most popular saltwater fish amongst fish keeping hobbyists. Its dazzling color and flamboyant personality are all reasons why it has remained so popular for over 30 years. Whilst many members of the damselfish family are known for their aggression, this particular [Continue reading …]

Emperor Angelfish The Complete Care Guide Banner
Saltwater Fish

Emperor Angelfish: The Complete Care Guide

The Emperor Angelfish is perhaps the most recognizable angelfish in the aquarium trade. It is both graceful and vibrantly colored and is often the crowning jewel of the aquarium. Although they are fairly hardy, they should only be kept by experienced fish keepers due to the tank size requirements, and [Continue reading …]