Why are my ghost shrimp dying?

Your ghost shrimp are dying because:

  • They’ve suffered transportation shock
  • They haven’t been properly acclimated
  • The concentration of chlorine and chloramine in the water is too high
  • There are high levels of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in the water
  • The water temperature is too hot or too cold
  • They have diseases, parasites, or infections
  • They are stress
  • You’ve overfed them
  • Their tank is overcrowded

To prevent your ghost shrimp from dying, make sure to set up and cycle the tank properly before introducing your ghost shrimp. Then, maintain the tank’s cleanliness and water parameters. Lastly, avoid keeping your ghost shrimp with big, aggressive tank mates.

With that said, if you’ve done everything perfectly and your shrimp are still dying, the pet store may be to blame. Pet stores typically mistreat shrimp, making them susceptible to disease and shortening their lifespan.

To avoid buying maltreated shrimp, make sure to buy your shrimp from reputable local sources.