How do you keep ghost shrimp alive?

You can keep your ghost shrimp alive by fulfilling their basic needs, including:

  • Providing them with at least 5 gallons of space, though you can keep four ghost shrimp per gallon
  • Keeping the water warm, at around 65°–80°F (18.3°–26.6°C)
  • Monitoring the water quality (no ammonia or nitrite and >20ppm of nitrate)
  • Changing 30% of the tank’s water once a week
  • Providing the habitat with plenty of live plants and hiding spots
  • Keeping the water flowing with a weak current
  • Supplementing their diet with algae wafers or sinking pellets two to four times a week

Additionally, you should buy ghost shrimp from reputable local sources. Some pet stores tend to mistreat ghost shrimp, causing them to get sick and stressed, thus shortening their lifespan.