What do Siamese algae eaters eat?

Siamese algae eaters eat a varied diet of algae, other plant matter, small dead fish, and insects. In the wild, Siamese algae eaters are omnivorous scavengers and will eat almost anything that can fit in their mouths.

Although they’re called algae eaters, they can’t thrive by just eating algae that grows inside the tank. These fish aren’t picky, and will gladly eat anything you give them.

You can supplement their diet with algae wagers, flakes and pellets, larvae, brine shrimp, and bloodworms. Siamese algae eaters will even eat shrimp tank mates, if the shrimp species is small enough!

If algae in your tank is plentiful, Siamese algae eaters may be less interested in food that you provide. Give them varied foods anyway, to make sure that their diet is balanced. You can feed them once a day if they’re also eating algae in the tank.