What do African dwarf frogs need in their tank?

African dwarf frogs need a variety of things in their tank, including adequate lighting, heating and gentle filtration, a tank lid, sandy substrate, and plants to hide in.

To keep your African dwarf frog happy and healthy, here is what you should provide:

  • Fine sand substrate or large aquarium gravel — The substrate should be either fine enough or large enough so that if the African dwarf frogs swallow any by accident, they will still be able to digest it
  • Smooth stones and decorative caves or logs — Choose decorations that will give your African dwarf frog places to hide, but make sure they have smooth edges so the frog won’t get hurt
  • Adequate lighting — Provide at least 10–12 hours of light a day, whether it’s natural light, UVB, or LED
  • A heater — A submersible heater will keep the temperature stable between 72–78°F
  • An under-gravel water filter that doesn’t produce a strong current — African dwarf frogs are very sensitive to vibrations, so large filters and strong currents can make them stressed and sick
  • A screen tank lid or cover — African dwarf frogs can’t survive outside of their tanks for more than 10–15 minutes because their skin dries out, but they do need oxygen, so a screen lid will keep them safe in the water as well as give them air to breathe
  • Silk artificial plants or various live plants — African dwarf frogs like to hide in plants, but make sure to keep only soft plants, like Java moss, Java fern, Marimo moss balls, hornwort, and anacharis

To keep your African dwarf frogs safe and healthy, avoid tiny decorations to prevent the frogs from swallowing and choking on them.

Additionally, clean everything with cool running water before setting them in the tank. Avoid using soap, as the residue can harm the frogs.