What conditions do ghost shrimp need?

Ghost shrimp need these conditions to thrive:

  • A minimum of 5 gallons of space, though you can keep four ghost shrimp per gallon
  • Fine substrates, such as sand and fine gravel
  • Warm water temperature of around 65°–80°F (18.3°–26.6°C)
  • Flowing water with a weak current
  • A habitat with plenty of live plants and crevices to hide in
  • Monitored water quality, with no ammonia and nitrite and >20ppm of nitrate
  • 30% water change once a week

Ghost shrimp are generally hardy creatures, but if you want your ghost shrimp to thrive, make sure to maintain tank cleanliness and water quality. Suboptimal water parameters often result in a weakened immune system, excessive molting, infections, and death.