Is my ghost shrimp male or female?

You can determine whether your ghost shrimp is male or female by assessing the following physical features:

  • Size – Male ghost shrimp are typically smaller than their female counterparts. In ideal conditions, male ghost shrimp only grow to be 1.2 inches long, while females can reach 1.5 inches.
  • Saddle – Female ghost shrimp have a greenish saddle that runs along the underside of their belly. This saddle is their ovary, so male ghost shrimp won’t have it.
  • Abdomen – Female ghost shrimp have larger bellies so they can better carry their eggs. Male ghost shrimp have flat abdomens.
  • Back curve – Female ghost shrimp have a more pronounced back curve to offset the weight of their larger abdomens.
  • Antenna – Male ghost shrimp have longer antennas compared to female shrimp.