How long do ghost shrimp live for?

Ghost shrimp live for one year on average. Ghost shrimp are short-lived compared to other invertebrates. With that said, how long your shrimp lives will depend on the individual as well. Some shrimp will only live for a couple of days, but hardy ones can even live for up to two years.

Here are some tips to increase your ghost shrimp’s lifespan:

  • Don’t keep them in a tank with hostile predators
  • Keep the water temperature warm, at around 65°–80°F (18.3°–26.6°C)
  • Do regular water quality checks for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels
  • Provide lots of live plants and hiding spaces
  • Keep the tank water flowing with a weak current
  • Supplement their diet with algae wafers or sinking pellets two to four times a week