Are pea puffers hardy?

Yes, pea puffers are hardy. Pea puffers are extremely resilient despite their tiny statures. These fish can withstand a wide range of water conditions.

Moreover, they can also survive up to seven days without food. Plus, being territorial carnivores, these fish can also defend themselves and their territories when needed.

However, as with other fish, pea puffers thrive best under optimum conditions. To keep your pea puffers healthy and happy, make sure to:

  • Avoid overcrowding the tank
  • Provide plenty of live plants in the tank
  • Keep the water temperature around 75°F and 80°F (23.8°C and 26.6°C)
  • Feed them a varied meat-based diet twice a day
  • Set an adequate, but not too strong filtration system
  • Change 25–50% of the water weekly