Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide, Diet, Habitat and Breeding Banner
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Bristlenose Pleco: Care Guide, Diet, Habitat and Breeding

The Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.) is one of the most common aquarium Plecos. People tend to choose the Bristlenose over the Common Pleco because of their smaller size and they are easier to keep. The Bristlenose Pleco is a master of disguise, and also a great tank cleaner. One of [Continue reading …]

Killifish Species,
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Killifish: Species, Tank Conditions, Diet and Breeding

Killifish are one of the most vibrantly coloured and beautifully patterned freshwater fish. For this reason Killifish enthusiasts are one of the largest groups of fish keeping enthusiasts around. Keeping fish can be a very rewarding hobby however we recommend you have at least 2 years of fish keeping experience [Continue reading …]

Crowntail Betta Care Guide, Lifespan, Facts and Compatibility Banner
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Crowntail Betta: Care Guide, Lifespan, Facts and Compatibility

The Crowntail Betta fish is one of the most popular small freshwater species in the US for one main reason; their beautiful caudal fins! As the most popular betta, a Crowntail is colloquially referred to as a Betta, or its behavioral name of the Siamese fighting fish. The fish’s ancestors [Continue reading …]

Silver Arowana Care Guide, Tank Size, Diet and More Banner
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Silver Arowana: Care Guide, Tank Size, Diet and More…

The Silver Arowana, also known as the Dragon Fish or Monkey Fish, is a freshwater fish indigenous to South America. Renowned for its hunting ability and large size, this fish is one of the most iconic around and will be the prized possession of any hobby aquarist. Whilst not generally [Continue reading …]

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Rainbow Shark: Care Guide, Feeding, Size and Tankmates

Rainbow Sharks, also known as Red Fin Sharks or Ruby Sharks, are small tropical freshwater fish native to Thailand. They are known for their vibrant red fins and being territorial. If you’re looking to add some color and attitude to your aquarium this may just be the fish for you. [Continue reading …]