What is a betta’s favorite food?

A betta’s favorite food is meaty protein, like live or freeze-dried insects, brine shrimp, or frozen bloodworms. Bettas love to eat these foods because they mimic what the fish eat in the wild.

Wild bettas eat small insects that have landed or fallen on the surface of the water. Similarly, a betta in an aquarium will likely enjoy eating freeze-dried grubs, insect larvae, or other small insects, such as fruit flies.

Even though a betta will be happy to eat its favorite food, make sure it gets a well-balanced diet. Look into everything you feed it, and be sure to give a variety of foods.

If you feed your betta flakes or pellets, choose ones that are meant for carnivores. The flakes or pellets should have a high crude protein content.

Also, don’t feed your betta any live food you catch from outside. Buy live food from reputable sellers, or culture them yourself.

Lastly, thaw frozen food first before feeding it to your betta. Avoid using regular tap water to do this. Use a small amount of the tank’s water instead.