How can I tell if my betta is happy?

You can tell if your betta is happy by paying attention to its appearance and behavior. Some common signs of a happy and healthy betta include:

  • Vivid and vibrant colors — A stressed betta will have dull coloring, while a happy betta’s colors will be vibrant and bright
  • Fins that are flared open and not clamped shut — When a betta’s fins are wide and open instead of tucked close to its body, that means the water quality in the tank is good and the betta is feeling happy and healthy
  • An active lifestyle with smooth swimming movements — Lethargic bettas may be sick or unhappy, while happy bettas will swim smoothly and eagerly
  • A healthy appetite — Happy bettas will eat 1–2 small feedings a day, while stressed bettas may not show any interest in food
  • Infrequent hiding — A betta swimming out in the open water of the tank means that it feels comfortable and happy, but hiding may indicate stress or fear
  • Bubble nests built on the surface of the water — If your betta fish is often building a bubble nest, it feels safe, happy, and comfortable in its environment
  • A tendency to follow you around the tank — If you move to a different side of the tank and your betta follows, it may be feeling curious, happy, and even playful

To keep your betta happy, make sure its basic needs are fulfilled.

First, it needs lots of swimming space. Make sure to keep it in a 5-gallon tank or bigger. Feed it a well-balanced diet with high-protein pellets, live foods, and frozen grubs. Provide it with entertainment, such as plants, hiding spots, and toys. Lastly, set aside at least 10 minutes each day to play with your betta.

A betta that is well-cared for will show its happiness!