Do otocinclus clean glass?

Yes, otocinclus clean glass. So, if you’re struggling to keep your aquarium glass clean, you should think about keeping a group of otocinclus.

These algae eaters are often seen sticking to various surfaces, including the aquarium glass. As they do this, they use their sucker mouth to eat the soft algae growing on the glass.

While they do a superb job at cleaning glass, you shouldn’t rely on your otocinclus to keep your tank clean and tidy. Otocinclus eat soft green algae and brown algae. They won’t touch other types of algae, such as black brush algae.

Depending on how big your tank is, your otocinclus might not be able to clear every inch of glass. With that in mind, be sure to clean and scrub your tank once a month.