Can kuhli loaches eat algae wafers?

Yes, kuhli loaches can eat algae wafers. Kuhli loaches are not picky eaters and will gladly eat anything that’s available, including algae wafers. Just make sure the algae wafers can sink because these bottom-dwellers refuse to swim up to feed.

With that said, you should only feed algae wafers to kuhli loaches twice a week. Also, don’t give them too much; one wafer should suffice for five to ten kuhli loaches.

Aside from algae wafers, you can also feed your kuhli loaches:

  • Sinking pellets
  • Algae tablets and wafers
  • Frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms
  • Brine shrimp
  • Live daphnia
  • Live blackworms
  • Finely chopped meat and vegetables