Are goldfish good pets?

Yes, goldfish are good pets. Goldfish are excellent starter pets for beginners because of their low cost and easy care level. Even for experienced fishkeepers, goldfish are great pets because they’re smart and entertaining.

Goldfish are not only easy to buy, they’re also not very expensive. Common goldfish cost $1–$5 per fish, while other types of goldfish may cost $15–$30 per fish.

These fish can live in a variety of tanks, and they don’t have special needs compared to most fish. Giving your goldfish a balanced diet, a well-decorated tank, and enough space to swim and explore will help the fish be happy and healthy.

While goldfish have a reputation as good pets for beginners, these fish are great pets for fishkeepers of any level. They can be trained to recognize their owners and even perform tricks, like pushing a ball through a hoop or swimming through an obstacle course.

However, because most people see them as replaceable pets, goldfish are often mistreated. For this reason, goldfish have a reputation for being weak, fragile, and short-lived. But when taken care of properly, goldfish are one of the hardiest fish species out there. Most goldfish can live for 10-15 years, and some varieties can even reach 30 years of age.