Are German blue rams hard to keep?

No, German blue rams are not hard to keep. Their care needs are simple and low-maintenance, which makes these fish easy to keep.

Many people think they’re hard to keep because German blue rams are frequently inbred. Bad breeding practices, like inbreeding, create fish that get sick easily.

If you buy your fish from chain pet stores, you’re likely going to get inbred German blue rams that can catch various diseases easily. However, if you source your fish from reputable breeders, you’ll find that German blue rams can be quite hardy, and they won’t be that hard to keep.

Of course, you still need to take care of them properly if you want them to thrive!

First, keep your German blue rams with small or peaceful tank mates. Give them a large tank with plenty of space, about 10 gallons for each ram, and use soft, sandy substrate in the tank. Finally, keep the temperature between 78°F and 85°F (25.5°C and 29.5°C), so that they can be comfortable and healthy.

Once you’ve established the right water conditions for these fish, keeping German blue rams is simple and straightforward.