Are copperband butterflyfish hard to keep?

Yes, copperband butterflyfish are hard to keep. Copperband butterflyfish are shy, picky with their food, and have specific tank requirements. These traits make them hard to keep.

First, copperbands are shy, and may not be happy living with tank mates. Copperband butterflyfish should be kept separate from dominant fish because of their shy behavior. Copperbands also do not get along with other copperbands. It’s best to have a maximum of one per tank.

These fish are also picky eaters. They prefer live foods such as blood worms, mysid shrimp, brine shrimp, small pieces of clam, and black worms.

Finally, copperband butterflyfish have specific tank requirements. They need a water temperature between 73–86°F (23–30 °C), with a pH of 8.1–8.4 and a carbonate hardness (dKH) of 8–12. They also need plenty of space to swim.

Because of their specific care needs, copperband butterflyfish are high-maintenance, and not easy to keep.