Are betta fish easy to take care of?

Yes, betta fish are easy to take care of. Bettas are low-maintenance and easy to take care of compared to other fish, making them great for beginners.

With that said, bettas still need care and attention to be happy and healthy. To take care of your bettas, be sure to give them the following:

  • Swimming space – a 5-gallon tank is fine, but a bigger tank would make your betta happier
  • Plenty of plants, shade, and safe spots for the betta to hide or explore
  • A balanced diet of betta pellets, freeze-dried grubs, and small insects
  • Regular water changes – at least twice a week
  • Comfortable water temperature at 75–80°F (23.5–26.5°C)
  • Periods of time where they have light and darkness to help keep a healthy sleep pattern
  • A 10-minute play session each day