Are angelfish hard to keep?

No, angelfish are not hard to keep. Angelfish are easy to maintain as they can tolerate a range of water parameters and tank mates.

However, angelfish are susceptible to various bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, but you can keep those diseases at bay by maintaining a clean tank and adequate water conditions.

Here are some angelfish maintenance tips:

  • Feed them high-protein pellets, insects, and small crustaceans
  • Provide them with plants, shades, and hiding spots
  • Keep the water pH between 6 to 7.5
  • Get a proper tank filtration system
  • Maintain a slow water current
  • Maintain the water temperature at 75⁰F – 81⁰F (24⁰C – 27⁰C)
  • Change 25% the water once a week
  • Clean the tank at least once a month