Looking after your aquarium can be tricky, especially if this is your first time nurturing these beautiful plants.

That’s why we have put together all of this essential information to give you a helping hand!

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We’ll dive into learning about the different types of aquarium plants and understanding a little bit about their background. Ultimate Guide to Aquarium Plants

Like where they’re originally found in the world, fish that go well with these plants, other aquarium plants that match up as well as ideal water temperature and lighting for these plants to thrive. 

Choosing a plant is often the easy part. Keeping your plants healthy and happy can be trickier than you think.

Have no fear, we have your back on this one too.

Knowing what to look for in an unhealthy plant and understanding how to deal with that situation can prevent any illness from spreading between your other plants and fish.

You’ll learn about your daily, weekly and monthly duties in regards to looking after your tank and every gorgeous thing in it. We will be keeping it all simple and manageable for you, enough with that scientific nonsense, this is water gardening after all, so let’s enjoy it!

Fun Underwater Plant Facts:

  • Did you know aquarium plants need feeding too? The even more startling fact is that they can be overfed.
  • Aquatic plants have a smoother surface than regular plants.
  • Underwater plants are essential for life in the water. Just like land plants produce oxygen for animals to breathe, aquatic plants do exactly the same but for ocean life.


What’s Included:

  • Different Categories of Aquarium Plants – Floating plants, freshwater plants, cold water plants and more
  • The Most Popular & The Unsuitable – Both are important for you to know, so you can steer clear of deadly mistakes
  • Rooting & Pruning, and Plant Food  – Discover how to properly root and prune your underwater plant, and what you should feed your plants (yes, you need to feed them!)
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Plants – Learn what a healthy plant looks like, so you can recognize unhealthy ones and what to do about them
  • Tank Maintenance – What to do with your aquamarine plants when you clean your tank


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