Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling to keep all the fish alive while cycling and maintaining your underwater empire.
  • Not knowing how to properly set up or add in fish to the tank.
  • Breaking up all those fish fights when you introduce new tank mates that are incompatible. You’re probably thinking – why can’t they just all get along?!

Get your hands on the Complete Freshwater Tank eGuide

The Complete Freshwater Tank GuideThis in-depth 118-page ebook offers practical guidance on everything you need to know about your freshwater tank.

You’ll learn things like:

  1. How to set up, nitrogen cycle & build a good bacteria bed your freshwater tank
  2. How (and when) to add fish into your tank properly without accidentally killing them
  3. How to maintain your tank at different intervals – includes FAQs like: What to do with algae? How to change water properly?
  4. And more!

In addition, there’s also:

  1. Best Community Setup Guides – 7 of the best fish tank setups to ensure no fish fighting, so you know they’ll live in perfect harmony
  2. Tank Mate Compatibility Table – Want to come up with your own setup? Use this table to quickly look up who’s best friends with whom

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