Ah, fish babies!

It’s always interesting to orchestrate this delicate circle of life.

First…some fun facts:

  • In 1853 the Brits had a ureka moment, they figured out how to keep fish out of the sea and as home pets.
  • Cats and dogs can live for up to 15 years, there is a breed of lobster that lives even longer than that! American Lobsters can make it to 20 years of age. Wow!
  • Fish run the risk of getting sunburnt if they don’t swim deep enough in the water.

In this e-guide, you’ll learn quite a few things including:

  1. How to set the mood (and environment) for optimal breeding – you might have to lit some candlelights
  2. How to spot healthy fish to breed – there are a lot of telling signs, so pay attention
  3. What to do with asexual and/or hermaphrodite fish
  4. How to tell males apart from females – this is tricky in the beginning, but with our comprehensive guide, you’ll catch on fast
  5. The difference between Oviparous vs Ovoviviparous fish & how they breed

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