How To Take Great Pictures Of My Fish?

Some aquarium fish are so striking that they simply must be photographed. The only problem is, the pictures never turn out the way you hoped either because of the type of aquarium you have, or the water is distorting the image. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the image quality and take pictures that are just as beautiful as seeing the fish in real life. There is a lot of skill involved in taking pictures of aquarium fish, along with having the right gear. This results in us very often scrapping the idea of taking pictures of then all together.

Don’t give up just yet. We have put together a list of must-have photography items, along with tips and tricks to get the perfect shot. Simply follow this guide and you will be a pro in no time!


It is almost impossible to get a brilliant image using the wrong equipment. The equipment you need will depend on the size and color of the fish. 

The Right Lens

The lens must suit the size of the fish. A small lens is not going to capture a big fish in the same way as a lens that is in proportion with the fish’s size. Consider how close up or far away you want to photograph the fish as this will affect the lens size again. 

Use a Tripod

No one’s hand is still enough to compete with a tripod!  Focusing the camera correctly on a tripod is much easier than doing so while it is in your hand. 

Keeping the camera still is more important than you might think. Fish are fast swimmers and  if both the camera and the fish are moving, the image is going to be of poor quality. 

Tripods don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars either, check out this review of the 13 best camera tripods for under $100. Bargain!


For those quick and skittish fish, use a teleconverter. A 1.4x teleconverter. This works brilliantly for fish that have a habit of darting across the aquarium without warning. 

Fish Photography Tips

Now for mastering the technique. Be creative and try new things, if it doesn’t work out this time, you will know what to do differently next time. Here are a few fish photography tips to help you out, enjoy!

1. Observe Your Fish

Getting to know your fish’s behavior will help you get that perfect shot. For example, if you know your fish are extra fidgety in the mornings, wait until later in the day to start taking pictures. The same goes for if your fish are sleepy and motionless at specific times of the day. 

2. What is in the Frame?

Think about the layout of the fish tank. Clean and replace old and damaged accessories. 

3. Be Creative

The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to capture a stunning image. Try out new things and see how the image turns out, you never know, ‘mistakes’ are often beautiful!

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