How long does a guppy live?

Guppies usually live for one to three years. Some guppies can even live for up to five years, but that lifespan is rare. A guppy’s lifespan mostly depends on its genetics and its habitat.

Guppies from pet stores tend to be inbred, which makes them weaker, so they have shorter lifespans. Guppies bought from reputable, local breeders tend to be healthier, and these fish will live longer.

To help your guppies live longer, make sure they’re living comfortably. Keep them in groups, and don’t house them with aggressive tankmates so they don’t get stressed or lonely. Make sure there is at least one gallon of water for each guppy in the tank. Feed them a healthy diet and maintain their tank conditions regularly.

With the right breeding and the right care, guppies can live longer, happier lives!