How to Clean a Fish Tank in Five Easy Steps

To ensure your fish stay healthy, it’s vital to ensure you keep the conditions of your tank optimal. This requires routine maintenance and cleaning to help maintain the delicate eco system in your tank. Water in your aquarium can easily become harmful to your fish if it is not maintained [Continue reading …]


What Makes The Perfect Cichlid Tank?

Cichlids are by far one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish around. They are known for their unique personalities and vibrant colors. Some of the most popular species of Cichlids include: Oscars, Angelfish, Discus and Convicts. Unfortunately Cichlids sometimes get a bad reputation for being difficult to keep, with [Continue reading …]

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What Size Fish Tank Should I Get?

A lot of novice aquarists overlook the importance of getting a fish tank that is the correct size. If you end up getting a fish tank that is too small it can cause lots of problems, think: stunted growth, aggressive fish and unstable water parameters. Each one of these issues [Continue reading …]