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gold barbs
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The Ultimate Gold Barb Care Guide

Gold Barbs are a species that are sure to brighten up your aquarium. They dazzle with their colors and shoaling behaviors, leaving you transfixed on your fish tank. What makes them even more popular is their ease of care. Beginner aquarists will enjoy their hardy nature and simple needs, so [Continue reading …]

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Breeder Tanks – 210 Gallon & 40 Gallon

LEFT TOP 210 gallon with FX6 CanisterGlass Lids, (x2) Fluval Aquasky 36in Lights, (x2) Fluval ES300 Heaters, (x5) 20lb bags CaribSea Black Substrate, Aqueon 1250 Circulation Pump, Aqueon XL Magnetic Glass Cleaner, Resin Decor, (x8) F0 Redhead Cichlid from Belize, (x1) Albino Ruby Red Oscar, (x5) L075, Rio de Para [Continue reading …]

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