50 & 100 Liter Setups

This aquarium is 100 ltr which is setup by using river pebbles and stones as decoratives. In live plants, i've use anibus nana and rotala (its back of anibus in lying state for to grow). We can see pipe like structure at both side, actually they are gravel filter which i connect to power heads so water get filtered through sump where i use activated carbon and ceramics ring. 100watt heater is placed between the aquarium and airstones at both side for bubble is placed. Right now there is 4 angels, a beta male, some mystry snail, cone snail and cherry srimps.

I'm from Nepal. I've got this aquarium - a 50 ltr which is setup by using marbels as base, river stones and a driftwood as decorative, some live plants- anibus nana, duck weeds and other (forget the name?). Background is a custom made wallpaper. As there seems blue pipes structure at both side-corner, they are gravel filter and at middle there is a power head which is a hanging type filter. And i've got a bubble stone also. At front top, there is led light and i'm using a steel type 50watt heater. Right now i've got a school of siamese and some cherry shrimp.

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